Fuel Max stationChamberlain Oil has access to petroleum product from 16 terminals in 5 states.

Our customers are notified daily with their prices via fax or email Chamberlain Oil uses a Common Carrier network to haul our gasoline and fuel to our customers.  The Common Carriers we use have over 60 years of experience hauling gasoline and fuel.  Safety and courtesy to our customers is a top priority.

We map each tank location at all its stations and bulk plants it services.  Each locations tanks are also tagged for the product it contains to assure proper delivery. Using a common carrier allows Chamberlain Oil to react quickly to price changes.  With many trucks at our disposal, it allows us shorter lead times to react to price changes. Shorter lead times increase our customers cash flows and their bottom line.

Shell station

Chamberlain Oil employees are available to take orders Monday thru Friday from 7:00am to 5:00pm.

Call Toll Free: 800-992-8815 for Clontarf office.
112 Grace Avenue in Clontarf, MN 56226

Call toll Free: 800-666-8815 for St. Cloud office.
1200 29th Avenue in Sauk Rapids, MN 56379

Email:  info@chamberlainoil.com

See our products section for the complete list of brands we offer:

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